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Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

We are now a supplier of the tyre pressure monitoring system, FIT2GO.

This is an easy fit solar powered tyre pressure monitoring system which can be fitted to cars, trailers and caravans and doesn’t require any cables/chargers or pairing of sensors and does not require re-programming when adding new sensors such as a trailer.

The TPMS sensors are fitted to each wheel and the ‘Tax Disc’ receiver is placed on the windscreen. A flashing LED in the TPMS sensor will inform you which tyre is at fault.

Reasons to use this system:

According to studies from the EU, under-inflated tyres contribute to 41% of serious injury road accidents and can affect the cost and safety of any journey.

A tyre which is 20% under inflated can give up to 20% less mileage and under inflated tyres can increase fuel consumption as well by up to 6%.

Driving on under inflated tyres can lead to deterioration, due to reduced endurance capabilities, which could result in rapid deflation.
Under inflated tyres can result in both less precise steering and a higher risk of aquaplaning.

Lastly, tests show that under inflated tyres can increase breaking distances so 15 psi under inflation equals a 5m longer braking distance.

The full kit contains ‘Tax Disc’ receiver, 4 x TPMS sensors, 4 x anti-theft locknuts, small spanner and full fitting instructions.

Price excl VAT @ 20%
Full kit
2 sensor kit
Pressure checker
1 receiver
3M pad

Wheel Clamps

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SH 5434 10" - 14" from £99.99
SH 5435 14" - 16" from £114.99

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